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Gas Furance Types - Auchinachie Services

At Auchinachie, we only choose the best equipment for your home.  Amana is a premier manufacturer of heating and air conditioning equipment that provides homeowners with systems that maximize their energy savings.

Plus, where many brands of heating and air conditioning equipment are sold through any dealer, Amana strives to maintain its reputation for quality products and service by working only with selected dealers across the country. This allows Amana dealers to offer homeowners many of the strongest customer performance guarantees.

Amana furnaces are known to be valuable workhorses that will last you many years if properly installed by an authorized dealer.  Every furnace installation at Auchinachie starts with a thorough home inspection which is followed up with a custom designed system specific to your home.  Additionally, advancements in technology have reduced the cost of usage through energy efficiency, again, if the HVAC system is installed in a properly insulated and “air sealed” home. 

Flexible Model Selections to fit Your Lifestyle and Your Budget:

Amana Best Gas Furnace

AMVM97 Modulating, Variable-Speed ECM Gas Furnace

  •   Up to 97% AFUE Performance
  •   ComfortNet™ Communicating System compatible
  •   Heavy-duty stainless-steel tubular heat exchanger
  •   Quiet variable-speed induced draft blower
Amana Great Gas Furnace

AMVM96 Modulating, Variable-Speed Gas Furnace

  •   Up to 96% AFUE Performance
  •   Self-calibrating modulating gas valve operates on two-stage or single-stage thermostats
  •   ComfortNet™ Communicating System compatible
  •   Auto-comfort mode for enhanced dehumidification
  •   Quiet two-speed induced draft blower
Amana Better Gas Furnace

AMSS92 Single-Stage, Multi-Speed Gas Furnace

  •   Up to 92% AFUE Performance
  •   Quiet, single-speed induced draft blower
  •   Stainless-steel secondary heat exchanger
  •   Multi-speed blower motor
Amana Good Gas Furnace

AMEH8 Gas Furance

  •   80% AFUE Performance
  •   Two-stage convertible gas valve automatically adjusts to high or low stage
  •   Quiet single-speed draft inducer
  •   Low continuous fan speed options offer quiet air circulation

The professionals at Auchinachie recommend you consider different options available today such as: heat pumps and ductless mini-splits as well as traditional forced hot air furnaces including central air to keep you cool during Binghamton’s humid summer months.   To make sure you minimize your energy costs and maintenance costs call Auchinachie for a free no obligation review of your replacement HVAC system.

You get all of the value of an Amana high-efficiency system at a great price!

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